What should I do-

Dearest Jason,?You got there in time?? I heard you lock the door but too late to say bye to you. ?Jason, I really hate myself now. ?I hate not being happy in front of you. ?Please forgive me. You never made me this sad (well…maybe sometimes) but myself. ?I always yelled at you “you need to talk,” but when I’m sad, I have no idea how to talk either. I don’t even have an idea what to do, how to do, or should do what?!?I wish we could have gone out for our date yesterday. I’ve been waiting for that for a long time; however, I really had a good time with your mom and your sister.? I knew they were trying to help me too. I found out the problem is really “myself”.? If I can’t like myself, who can? ?If I can’t make myself happy, who can? ?Oh~ I really hate myself now……….01/13/06

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